A Week in the Life, Day 2

Breakfast. I found a recipe for steel cut oats in the crockpot a few months back; it has now become a staple of our mornings. Toss it in the night before, and it’s yummy and ready as they wake up. Now we won’t eat oatmeal any other way. Just be careful not to burn your tongue. For the first few seconds out of the pot, the steam is pretty hot! This morning, I didn’t feel like the oatmeal, so I opted for an english muffin, yogurt, and coffee instead.

On the road again. There are days that I end up spending most of the days on the road. This was definitely one of those days! We had to run a few errands for my job, which included the post office. We ended up meeting Daddy for lunch at Burger King- a very, very rare occurrence- but necessary, because we had run out of groceries. Once we met James, we went grocery shopping, and since I am already stared at enough on my own with six kids, I did not want to introduce a camera into that circus! <grins>

Dinner time. There are days that are just crazy. They usually coincide with car days. But then Daddy gets home, and the balance shifts. Evening falls. 


6 responses to “A Week in the Life, Day 2”

  1. Loved the last two posts. Such great pics of the kids…..they look SO happy……that’s because of their mama :o)

  2. Perfect ‘Daddy’s home’ shot! What a busy day you had… and yet everyone’s smiling and happy. Good job, mama!

  3. Alison Avatar

    Love your collection of photos you have for todays week in the life….I must try and get more people photos and remember to use my camera more when im out and about not just at home

  4. Love the shot that your husband is home. Good job on today, dear!

  5. Wonderful pictures for today. They really do capture your everyday.

    btw – I have the same Vera bag…it is one of may favorite Vera patterns.

  6. lovely pictures & day you had 🙂

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