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Art Friday: Scrap Happy

Running super late today. Kids! Work! Life! You know.  I did get a chance to scrap a few times over the last week and actually have something arty-ish for Art Friday. Imagine that. The Finding Home series will go for another week, and then I really would like to try my hand at Ali’s “A Week in The Life” project because it has been YEARS. That’s my goal, but life itself often gets in the way; the way it should be. 


  • Donna Rae Barrow

    LOVE, love, love “another world”! The photos and the journaling weave together such a story with the layers of colors and textures in the papers. Hooray for you that you were able to steal some moments for art-making!

  • kim

    Ha! Lorelei’s face! Hysterical! she made my day! and I agree with Donna, mixing scrapbooking and journaling is a good idea. I mean I’m sure you’d like to do it the day of or week of, but it’s good to reminisce, too!
    It’s interesting to look back and think about what your concerns and priorities were, and see how much they’ve changed and how much you changed as a result.

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