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Art Friday: Museum Edition

Artist dates have been few and far between for me in the last few years. I was able to slip into the High Museum of Art in Atlanta with my favorite date- my husband- as we celebrated ten years together.

I don’t tend to take many pictures of the art (even with a permit), because a flat representation loses a bit in translation. Art is meant to be experienced.

There are always a few pieces that I just have to preserve in more than memory so that I can revisit the thoughts that came with them; this little girl was one of my favorites. I laughed out loud at the loving humor the sculptor had, and the grace he or she imbued upon the little girl at the same time–I just could not get over the one sock on and one sock off! It lives on now in this mama’s heart- a reminder of all my sockless children.

Where have you been lately that has inspired you?

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  • Donna Rae Barrow

    Beautiful! I’m hoping for some inspiration this weekend: Tom and I going to the opening of a new exhibit at d’art Center in Norfolk tomorrow night… a perfect way to spend my birthday!!!

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