Art Friday!










I am so happy to say that Art Friday is back. I haven’t gotten as far on my verse project as I would have liked this last week, but it’s getting there.

On the other hand, my desk looks like this, because toddlers who shall not be named tore apart a bunch of the scrapbooks, and all now require repair. (OH, darn. Torture. Being ‘required’ to scrap…) I’m not getting very far because I keep getting absorbed in a page and marveling over how much the kids have grown.

Speaking of art, Kelly is having a ton of giveaways this week– a new blog design, ephinanie bags, all sorts of goodies! Make sure you head on over there.

Top on my list, though, is a blog overhaul. It got a little too messed up in the break/shutdown, so I need to freshen up a bit, move the furniture. I finally finished Elizabeth’s re-design last week– go over there and tell me what you think? We still have a few more tweaks, but I think it’s a fresh new start!

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