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Art in the afternoon…

As my recovery continues, I have been aiming for fifteen minutes of creating. It’s amazing what can be accomplished in that time- and how far those stolen moments have gone in helping me to find the center again. This day, I had someone else join me, just following the lead, and we ended up sitting at the table and creating well into the dinner hour. Whoops! Sorry, Daddy.

What are you doing to pursue beauty in your days?

2 responses to “Art in the afternoon…”

  1. Donna Rae Barrow Avatar

    What a beautiful and nurturing habit to build! I spent time today in our church’s courtyard pulling weeds, trimming the weeping cherry, breaking off the dead wood on the lantana, and listening to the Wind in the trees and the Flowing Waters from the fountain. Ideal quiet time.

  2. Kelly Sauer Avatar

    That verse… that is my heart verse….

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