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Endless Gifts: Mama’s Day

: for first-time presents thought up by the bigs (with a bit of daddy’s help with the dirt)
: BMF~ Best Mom Forever and “Christ rain on you” scribbled on the jar
: nap in the hammock in the quiet, pleasant afternoon
: for answered prayers and God’s provision
: for a friend who prays without ceasing, and the quiet notes of encouragement that sustain my weary spirit
: for my Beloved, ever patient with me, as I continue to learn the roles of mama and wife
: for bird’s nest found at craft store, reminding me to count and count!
: for the journey of learning, for maps and pictures, and the joy of discovery
: sweet smelling candles
: a little girl beginning school (can it be? she was so tiny a blink ago!)
: good, hot coffee
: fresh new books


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