the mothering arts

Daily I will seek Thee…

So my day yesterday was a bit of this:

And this:

And this:

And kissing these:

And, oh! Do I always feel like I have so many scrambled eggs for brains by the time the day is done! (And I may just have scrambled eggs on my shirt, too, depending on the day.) But, oh! How much fun we have.

There was a time in my life I’d resent this messy mayhem of learning. It went against my Type A personality something fierce. I would never slow down for rabbit trails either. No big, wondering, questions allowed either, like why a butterfly is shaped the way she is, or why Libya is so sad. (Somebody was listening to NPR when I thought he was abed the other night…)

I was by the book, thankyouverymuch. ┬áIn this unbelievable craziness that has defined my last year or two- I embraced the messy. And let me tell you, mud puddles are worth jumping in! (And baby’s dirty feet to kiss are better than chocolate.)

It never fails to amaze me on a daily basis where God shows Himself in the mess of my life- in those children, and their beautiful eyes, their big hearts, their searching questions- in the grime of dirt and the satisfaction of wiping it away and realizing that is what He is doing for me, every day, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour- and I am ever thankful that mess of this last year has caused me to learn to weave His ways into our days, the hard stops of prayer, the lighting of the candle, the whispered Word.

So glad that He cares for the Messicrew- (a play on our last name). Do you know He loves your crew too? And that He can clean up the mess?


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