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Mise en scene…

It’s important to tell you where it all started, how I got to that point in front of the washer and dryer- to drop you, mise en scéne, into the flow of time. It is what follows now that my dear friends, online and off, said that I ought to share. But I felt like I couldn’t just hop into March and April and tell you about when the healing came and how it came…it wouldn’t be fair.

And I walk into the end of March and April with a fear of saying too much or not enough. It’s hard to cover two years of emotional backlog and the damage it had wrought and speak about it in an understandable way. It’s hard to talk about depression, and especially postpartum depression, in a Christian blogging community. I don’t know why this is so, but it is so. I go forward from here with more than a bit of trepidation. The early months were easy enough to write; I face off with the Muse on the following posts. It’s hard to open one’s heart in such a way.

…honest, heart-open posts ahead. Please tread gently.

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