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In love and honor…

I remember the first time I placed our son, Ben, into his arms. Perhaps other wives and new mothers would be worried as that hand off occurred- “remember, hold his head up! Don’t drop him…pick his blanket up…” (And most grandmothers as well)- but I didn’t think of it for a second.

We were young, just twenty years old. Many were questioning our ability to take care of this newly born gift of God.

As I settled our wee baby into his arms, James’ face broke out into a radiant smile. It was as if a mantle settled on his shoulders- he seemed taller, stronger, a man of courage. I’ve never forgotten seeing that change flicker across his face. I was so tired- it had been a long labor- and I felt completely at peace. My eyes fluttered close with the vision of my husband holding his first born son.

I could not have known then what I know now, but my first picture of my husband as a father has become etched deep upon my memory.

My beloved has a heart for his children. He has such a deep well of patience for them that always surprises me and convicts me- I who am so quick of temper. His love for them, his unconditional love that suffers much- it has healed my own heart, broken from a father-relationship that still confuses. Many nights has he paced the carpet with a crying babe- many moments has he stood firm in leadership and guidance of our sons. He is so strong in a way that has nothing to do with physical prowess. And he is wise- I know, and my kids know, that our hearts and our concerns are listened to, that he considers carefully our needs.

He is a wonderful, amazing father.

He is a man of courage.
He is a man of conviction.
He is a man of integrity.
He is a man of deep, abiding, steadfast love.

I trust my children and their hearts to his watch care under the guidance of our heavenly Father…

And I am so proud of the man he has become…

We love you Daddy. We are so honored to call you by that name.

Joy, Ben, Isaiah, Lorelei, David, and Josiah


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