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A wander…


(picture for kelly– I think I just need to play more!)

In the dark watches of the night

I dream and wander

the pediments

aged stone pulling gaze upward

rainbow hued cut glass spiral

touch of gold

I stumble on a rough stone stair

touched by long ago craftsman


the dirt on my shoe

and I wonder

is faith here

or there

in the grit and grime


the cut glass and gold

or is it a both/and?

(thinking of St.Peter’s in Rome, for LL’s Random Acts of Poetry at High Calling Blogs)

4 responses to “A wander…”

  1. n. davis rosback, nAncY Avatar

    good one

    i just saw the promp this morning.

    i think i need to play more too…more playfulness!

  2. L.L. Barkat Avatar

    Loved this question…

    “in the grit and grime


    the cut glass and gold”

    And, yay! You were able to join in. 🙂

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  4. laura Avatar

    I love this repetition: “I dream and wander…I wonder…”

    I wonder too. Is faith here? One of my favorite memories from childhood–some think it morbid–is of an old cemetery we used to play in. I used to run my hands over engraved names and wonder much the same.

    Very lovely.

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