Daybook: A Return Home

Outside my window~

A garden in full swing, and a certain heretofore neglected 64 Cherry Red Mustang, now running, out of the garage…such a simple thing really, but it brings me delight to see my husband’s ‘project’ back in circulation.

I am thinking~

That Elise says things that touch your heart and want you to be a better mama, every single day, and how she said what I was trying to say so much better: Once Upon a Time and  Sometimes. Go read, be blessed, and I dare you to try it without a box of Kleenex. She and Ann are such gifts! To unwrap one of their posts is a treasured blessing.

I am thankful for~

Vacations, the safe haven (if occasionally stormy harbor) of family, the people who know know you, past the skin and skull, deep heart level, and most of all, for grandmas. Any sort will do, but my three are the best- love to Grandgrama, Grandma Kathy, and Nana, for without whom I would a lot less sane without their assistance. (I pay back in baby snuggles and toddler kisses.) My mother, who made last week and our extended family vacation happen.

From the learning rooms~

A diligent effort to finish well. In between spaces as one year ‘wraps up’ (ever so slightly since we school throughout the year) and a new one begins. Looking forward to convention and a chance to refuel in a few weeks.

From the kitchen~

I feel like I am forever talking about food and/or homekeeping routines, but I usually write from where I am at. These last few months have been a very concerted effort to focus on these areas. They are the most troublesome for me, and that is definitely the case with food! Between food allergies and diet needs, I can’t ever seem to find a long-term workable solution. I think I am edging a lot closer to an answer that I can work with.

I am creating~

Tiny pockets of order. I realized that much of my mental stress resulted from lack of discipline in my own doings (in addition to my children’s) and that I must focus on what is prescient, what my true work is, right now, no matter how much I may dislike it, no matter how dirty (or stinky….) Sigh. It grieves me in a way I can’t quite put words to. I am not thinking of physical, home keeping type stuff, but rather, the spiritual and emotional- the deep down heart issues at the core of the problem.

I am going~

Very few places this week. It was a refreshing vacation, but so much of vacation is going and seeing, so it’s nice to have a quiet week ahead, with only a few obligations.

I am reading~

Oh gracious. I really need to update my booklist, and I have a ton of reviews I’d like to do…ha. Like I have the time. Ok, the top of the stack rightthissecond is… The Freedom of Simplicity by Richard Foster. I have been on ‘a tear’ as my husband likes to call it- devouring books left and right.

I am hoping~

I realized today that in addition to the Easter people, we oughta be the hopeful people. Because…no matter what…we have this great Hope…that gives us the freedom to dream big dreams, because His are bigger…

I am hearing~

Mighty is the Power of the Cross by Chris Tomlin on the Arriving album, via a Shawn McDonald Pandora station. You ever have these moments when something set to music just grabs you, holds you, moves you, and reminds you? Yup. I’ve heard this song, sung by him, a million times on a ton of different radio stations, but tonight, the spirit moves. Speechless.

Around the house~

The honey-do list shrunk quite a bit while we were on vacation (my husband couldn’t go with us because of work, so he got to get lots of rest and attack that darn list savagely), but there is still a lot of projects that need getting done, so that’s where I am headed next. We should be moved in some time in 2025. Ha!

One of my favorite things~

Is getting to hear those “I remember when…” stories that always happen at family gatherings. We should listen ever so much more closely to these- these personal histories that shape and form-but we don’t realize it for their very mundane, every day subject matter until it is too late to hear it told one more time.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing~


Oh yeah, summer is here. Strawberries….yum and yum. And flip flops. YAY!

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