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Technical difficulties…

In the interest of transparency, I am laughing a bit at the irony of my post a few days ago…

let me explain.

I do feel that the PPD and depression no longer court my days.

But pride? Yeesh. Here I am, half boasting, “hey look! I’m balancing it all and taking a picture of it!”

I am glad of the days when everything does go right…they are truly blessings. Rare, rare, blessings.

Within hours of that post, everything started to unravel here- and I laughingly told my husband that I ought to retract that blog post because it was so inaccurate.

Ask him. Tears and histrionics and all sorts of fun stuff….


It is just the nature of a large family- you blink and everything can descend into chaos in five seconds flat. One dirty set of clothes from the muddy garden is one thing, but seven sets of dirty clothes is another- and when you discover your oven is not working, and the air conditioner is on the lam on the first hot day of the season (all in the same day), what little sanity you have acquired slips away… *grins*

So I’ve resigned.

Yup. You heard that right.


The paper plates and plastic cutlery are coming out, the meals will be microwaveable, and the children are running around with as little clothing as is publicly possible at the moment.

We shall pile all of our good books and favorite toys into the wagon and find some cool place in the back field in which to languish until the air conditioning man saves us from the oven otherwise known as our barn house.

I may or may not do laundry. I may send it out, like days of yore….

Or I may see if I can set a new Mt. Washmore record. That’s gotta be of some homeschooling use, right? We can do a science project and hypothesize how long it takes it to grow two feet!

I discovered that with my recent computer problems, I have no way to post photographs on my blog. It seems almost sacrilegious to do too many posts without a picture or two, especially when there are things I’d love to show you.

Technical difficulties indeed….if I don’t appear for a while, you’ll know why! (I am beginning to wonder if this is just not my season for blogging- circumstances continue to mean that my online time is drastically reduced.) Love to all of you. I am so glad to be walking this journey of life and faith and love with each and every one of you. Hopefully someday soon I’ll have the quiet moments to stop by and ‘visit’ you too.


  • Donna Rae Barrow

    Please, dear one, forgive me: I laughed when I read this post. NOT AT YOU… side-by-side, holding your hand for strength, sighing quite audibly WITH YOU. It has always been that way around here. I think I may finally have made some headway, I may have one whole nostril above sea level, I may be on the right track, and then… life happens… in abundance!!! Let me share with you, because you may not remember, that when my husband was deployed or working funky shifts, we didn’t do laundry until absolutely necessary, we ate leftovers on rice and called it dinner, sometimes we called Rice Dream ice cream and cake dinner. As long as we were walking faithfully, didn’t smell funny, and stayed ahead of the wheezing, it was well with my soul!!! *smiles*

    • Joy

      Oh Donna, I do remember. And I am laughing too! It never fails to amaze me how things break- and you know the old navy wife adage that they always break in groups of three, so I am praying it is not the washer or dryer next! ha ha ha.

      Oh wait, my computer broke first, so maybe I am done?

      I just have to be ever so very careful with the processed meals with Isaiah- and it only takes a little bit before I see the result, so agh. It is truly a choice between sanity and health some days- and then when all of the oven and stove top no longer work, all I *can* do is processed! Hopefully they will all be fixed within the next day or two and then my sanity will come creeping back. Heeeeeee

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