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I have been ever so slowly slipping back into ‘me’. My adult brain. The one that drinks coffee and reads good books, who converses in complete (and hopefully) somewhat intelligent sentences. I’ve come to accept the space between a child’s birth and this milestone as a re mapping of the places of my soul. It fades away in the early morning light of fresh new baby skin and sleep walking hours, and just as slowly slips back in, fresh, new, and yet comfortable and familiar: the part of me that has to create, has to think, has to breathe. I’ve been hanging out with these wonderful people over on twitter, and was inspired to take a small (virtual) artist’s date up to New York City and attend L.L. Barkat’s reading of her poems from Inside Out. She was accompanied by the delightful and lovely Brooke Campbell at the International Arts Movement 38/39 Space. Not too soon after the live webcast wrapped up, I felt that drive and desire I had not felt for some time. It was akin to tearing down a wall and admiring the widened vista. I remember how earlier in the day I had lamented that it had been such a very long time since I had been able to post an Art Friday, and yet here I am now, at close of day, my heart singing. My many thanks to LL for the inspiration tonight!


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