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Simple Daybook: Celebrations

Outside my window…

Gray. Rain. The trees are turning, but you can't really enjoy all the color with it being so overcast. I hope the rain stops soon.

I am thinking…

About all the celebrations this week and next. Ben's was Saturday, James' graduation is this coming Saturday, and David's birthday is next Monday. Lots of fun to be had!

I am thankful for…

Whispers and giggles, clean fresh laundry, adventures, grandparents, warm cozy sweaters and coffee on the back deck, watching the sun rise, for new mercies every morning, downy baby head perfect for kissing, gummy baby smiles and quiet coos.

From the learning rooms…

We've finished our first eight weeks. We're taking our fall break over part of this week and next…I will be working on the planning for the next eight weeks. There are definitely some adjustments that need to be made. I just got done reading an article by Inge Cannon in the Fall issue of The Old Schoolhouse that I found very helpful. It was about the idea of report cards- how they apply in a homeschool setting. I have been struggling with identifying goals and benchmarks for the kids since we have a sort of eclectic Charlotte Mason approach- Mrs. Cannon's article was invaluable in helping me think that process through.

From the kitchen…

Pumpkin something soon. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin spice cookies, something. Very soon. I have been craving it like crazy and haven't found a few minutes yet to pop something in the oven.

I am wearing…

Sweaters! YAY! I am definitely one of those people who would much rather be a tad cold and have to bundle up in sweaters and layers than be too hot. Fall is my favorite time of year. But you already knew that.

I am creating…

I've started into my Christmas lists and my projects for the craft fairs in the area. I'll definitely be stocking the Etsy shop soon. Lots of exciting stuff around here.

I am hoping…

For a definitive answer to a couple of questions facing our family.

I am hearing…

Josiah cooing. He is "talking" to me now when he finishes nursing, full of smiles. My favorite part of any day right now.

Around the house…

Keeping with the daily rhythms. Giving it a good scrub down before we leave for vacation so it stands ready for service when we return.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Packing for our vacation. Also, the hard working Mac that has stood good service for almost three years now needs some serious Dr. Geek attention. A thorough going over and tune up is required. That being said, if I randomly disappear from the online world, you'll know why. I don't foresee it being an issue though, because it is a Mac and my Geek is very good at what he does. Poor thing. We work it quite hard between our two businesses and all of James' very software heavy schooling (which is over now, yay!)…plus it has sort of been storage for my thousands of digital photographs. I've been so impressed with the lack of problems over three years. It's unheard of!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

(Took this at the park a few days ago. They all lined up and asked me to take a picture! Of course I said yes.)


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4 responses to “Simple Daybook: Celebrations”

  1. Angi Avatar

    Love your thankful list. I’m with you about being a tad cold; I love the colors of clothes in the fall!
    Happy Monday!

  2. Jerri Avatar

    What an adorable picture!
    I agree with you, I’d rather have cool weather and layer on sweaters, etc. than to be hot.

  3. Pat Avatar

    Sweeet post and picture,loved your blog
    God bless,

  4. Rachel Pearson Avatar
    Rachel Pearson

    Love the photo! Crying that I missed the giveaway…I could have save you postage! Oh well, my name never gets drawn anyway – lol! Take care!

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