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Feeling a little scrappy…


Now that things are finally calming down, I get a few minutes here and there to scrap. I finished these in the last few days. My whole approach and style has changed over my untended break of two years. I used to scrap practically every night, and would get three or four pages done. I had a somewhat abstract style of scrapping- half the time I wouldn't make up my mind exactly what I was going for until halfway through a layout. I definitely have a shabby chic, artsy feel to my pages now, and that's how I like it. No more fussing with things that aren't "me". I used to be very perfectionistic with my approach too, and that's gone, gone, gone. I want it to look good, yes, but I could care less about 'perfect'. I've been doing all of these in little bites here and there instead of trying to punch through a bunch at one time. All of these started with a basic sketch or inspiration, and then the layers have gone on one at a time as I've had a few minutes. My favorite thing to use on layouts is paint, but I don't see being able to use the paint as much as I used to because of time constraints and the mess factor with little hands around. We'll see. It feels so good to be doing something I love again.




  • Elise

    I love your market time pictures! You are so creative- and really good at taking lots of pictures! I don’t know how many days go by, and I realize that I don’t even know where the camera is. And I MISS so much that way! *sigh*
    Tiny camera clicks in my heart. I guess that’s where I am.
    So good to see you here and read all of your uplifting and informational and Joy-filled words! (((hugs))) xo

  • Donna Rae Barrow

    Fun, fun, fun! Love the page of your little mama… very similar to the work I do. Isn’t it therapeutic and refreshing to play with paper? I’ve been away from it for some time now, but our church has started a Scripture and Scrapbooking time using Group Publishing’s, “Fruit of the Spirit” scrapbooking study.

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