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Simple Daybook: First Day of School

I am thinking…

That the new normal is almost normal. We are starting school today, so I am hoping we'll settle back into family rhythms that help instead of hinder. Summers are great- but this one has been a crazy one, and man, can you tell!

I am thankful for…

Grace. My husband. Good friends. Good cries. Strong, rich fare-trade coffee. A pair of jeans that fit just right. Good songs on the radio. The smell of a baby's head.

From the learning rooms…

I finally finished all the planning for the first eight weeks. Pretty exciting. In the process, I realized I wanted to document what we are doing a bit better, and a lot more in depth than I care to do here, so I made a separate blog: Alphabet Soup. I transferred most of the my homeschooling category over there. Grandparents will be delighted with this change, I am sure.

From the kitchen…

Ugh, ugh, and ugh. *grins* Still haven't finished meal planning for this week and the week is already here. And the pantry is low. Next question?

I am wearing…

A pair of pre-pregnancy jeans. Seriously. How cool is that? I haven't looked at a scale. I am not yet headed towards weight loss (only three weeks post partum). Have been more worried about keeping the milk supply going and building. Maternity jeans were in the wash (that I've been wearing non-stop), grabbed this pair, looked at it super-skeptically, and then slid them on. Not only did they fit, they are actually a bit loose. How'd that happen? I am so tempted to jump on a scale to find out what is going on there, but I know better. I'll wait till my six week checkup. (But curious, I tried on my other pairs- and they all fit! It wasn't a fluke!) This is seriously making my week!

I am praying for…

The beginnings of our homeschool co-op this year. Lots of transition as I stepped down from coordinator and my good friend stepped up. Praying for her as she takes it on, and also for the families that will be involved this year. That it will be a great year!

Around the house…

Lots of 'getting back into the groove' going on. We are trying a new chore approach with the kids that seems to be working well. I totally re-arranged and re-did my home management binder, as everything has really changed since I first put it together two years ago. Re-evaluated our daily schedule for what was needful and what was not. Feeling much calmer and much more prepared for the school year ahead in both the home-keeping and home education aspects. Working on cultivating connection and relationship in many areas.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

My trusty aprons. Ready to get back to work!


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2 responses to “Simple Daybook: First Day of School”

  1. Grandma Kathy Avatar
    Grandma Kathy

    What and you didn’t take a picture of those handy dandy aprons with your newest organizational tool. Just joking cuz now I have that chalk board but I haven’t figured out where to put it in the house. Hope you are having a great 1st day of school!

  2. Kimberly Avatar

    I’ve been wearing the apron on the right all day. 🙂
    This is my first visit here as suggested by Google Reader and I am glad I stopped by. I feel at home.

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