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Simple Daybook: Aug 8

A little late this morning, sorry!


Outside my window…

Browns and greens, hot pinks, yellows, reds, fuchsias…enjoying the bright late summer colors of the flowers around here. The weather is finally 'normal' for the next few days- high eighties and sunny- but we'll be back to cooler temps and t-storms again by the end of the week. So weird!

I am thinking…

"I’m here now and courage is summer leaf green.
I stare out the window at the trees in my yard and hear God’s whisper
again, “Be still.” So I stop my whirly-twirly life, let go of my
insecurities, and try once more just to be. It is unfamiliar, this
place, and my heart pounds harder than if I am going into battle.

I once thought of courage as a single color—always fire
engine red—blazing and bold. But I am finding it is more like a
It changes with the seasons of our lives,
with who we are becoming, with what God is asking our hearts to do.
Just when we think we know it, the form alters and we find ourselves
seeing it anew."

Holley Gerth, editorial director for (in)courage, a new website for Christian women that launched this morning, in the post The Kaleidoscope 

So struck by the statement. Very much in the stillness, and yes, my heart pounds.

I am thankful for…

The chance to begin anew.

From the learning rooms…

School will start next week, the 17th. The learning room/playroom redux is done- look for a post on that tommorrow- many thanks to my mother, who helped me access what I wanted.

From the kitchen…

Easy peasy favorites- quick cooking things that I know the kids will eat. I don't want to make things any more difficult than they have to be this first week flying solo without extra hands to help! Getting ready for culinary adventures though, as I begin my post-baby disciplines in regard to weight loss, as well as beginning elimination diets for the children again to ascertain if we are dealing with some undiscovered food allergies. (Not that Isaiah needs to do it again, but I figure since it has been over a year and a half, the allergies may have changed.) I thought I should do it as well- since Celiac's has been diagnosed in my extended family, among other things- it's just time to get back to healthy, hearty foodways that build up our bodies instead of tearing them apart. I've grown quite lazy in this and have definitely seen (and felt) the effects.

I am wearing…

Black capris, grey tank top under yellow knit shirt. Very comfortable but looks nice- and great for dealing with all the chores today without worrying to much about mess. Might dig out my yellow polka dot Chucks later for a women's thing tonight- feeling spunky despite lack of sleep! *grins*

I am creating…

I returned to the Cardboard Testimonies project (look for a post on Friday with an update!) – it needs to be finished by August 30th. It feels unbelievably good to get into the paint pots again. So struck by the blessing of my body- being able to stand for more than a few minutes, breathe easily, move the paintbrush across the page- things I've missed so very, very much. Making art is like breathing to me, a worship song, and I find myself renewed.

I am going…

To a slew of well baby/child check ups tomorrow- our first time of being able to get all of our children seen at the same time- of course the appointments stretch over two and a half hours- nervous about this, as it will be our first real 'outing' as a family of seven. I wouldn't dare do this if James wasn't available to help!

I am reading…

If I had free time- ha! I've been dwelling in the Psalms of Ascent, since that is where my church has been studying over the summer…I've really enjoyed it. I think I am going to move into the NT soon- perhaps Philippians? I want to start memorizing again. Any suggestions?

I am hoping…

That I remember to take my prenatal vitamins! I keep forgetting. I have been remembering my mother's milk tea, though, so that's good. Nursing is going well- I hope that continues. I am so much more relaxed about it all now. Why did it take me until number five to finally 'get it'?

I am hearing…

Lorelei giggling. She's been very much an imp the last few days. Much as I love her little grin, we have to nip this behavior in the bud. Trying to remember to be consistent about it in the hustle and jumble. I've taken to writing myself post-it notes about what I am working on and praying about with each kid and putting them where I can see them so I don't forget.

Around the house…

Getting back into the groove. My husband and mom did a great job of keeping the house on track, so it's not like there is a huge chore list waiting for me- all I have to do is keep up with our daily rhythms. Today is Monday, so I'm focused on the kitchen, dining area, and pantry. I do a weekly clean top to bottom- gunking out the fridge, checking through and organizing the pantry (since we make our own bread, it's sometimes unfortunately common to find a half eaten loaf that has gotten buried and gone bad, so this is important!), sweep and mop of the kitchen, wiping down all surfaces. Once a month or so I get the appliances pretty good, except for the microwave, which needs it more often.

One of my favorite things…

Sleep. Precious sleep. And the sweet half hour of nursing, when I have to stop and pause and just revel in Josiah. I've really tried to not do anything during nursing times if I can help it- no computer, no reading. Trying to make it a 'hard stop' in my day where I can pause and pray and just be.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Finishing up my plans for our first eight weeks of school. Working on at least two cardboard testimony pieces a day (usually in the evening). Just carefully and slowly going into this new rhythm with my babies in a way that respects them and myself and our needs. ( A new thought process for me, as I've mentioned earlier in the summer. I am way too type A for my own good some days!)

Here is picture thought I am sharing…


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