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Baby love…

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Excuse me while I flood the blog with baby pictures….

We came home from the hospital on Thursday and are doing well. The kids are absolutely, positively, crazy about their new baby brother, and looking at him is providing endless hours of entertainment. (Isaiah says, "Mommy, when is Josiah going to do something?" At which point, Josiah cracked his eyes opened and fixed Isaiah with a look. Isaiah started giggling.)

Sleep is elusive, but who cares? I have a baby to kiss and cuddle! Besides, whoever thought up that whole 'sleeping like a baby' phrase really intended to mislead, methinks. I think the other children have finally gotten back on their normal sleep schedules (such strange sounds at 3 am!), so hopefully the overall grumpy factor in the house is headed to better places.

So much to tell about our little miracle baby…soon. Very soon. But right now, I am headed back to kiss that little sweet head… Thank you for all your prayers, love, and well wishes!

2 responses to “Baby love…”

  1. scrapbookfran Avatar

    Joy, you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for the pix of the newest, sweetest, and most handsome baby boy ever! Hope you’re doing well and hugs for everyone on your end. 🙂

  2. Rebekah Avatar

    Oh dear friend, praise the Lord! Little Josiah is so precious, and I am just so thankful for the way that our gracious Father has brought him safely here! Enjoy all the cuddle time. God is so good!
    Sorry I haven’t been over here in so long… but have been thinking of you!

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