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Waiting and watching…

Outside my window…

Beautiful, almost fall-like weather. We have stayed in the low 80s. Such strange weather for this area, but I am so thankful to not have to be contending with the normal heat and humidity that is usually in the high 90s.

I am thinking…

how amazing it is to be expecting baby any second; how old my children are; how they were each tiny little things not very long ago; how tall all of my kids are getting and how the boys pants are suddenly too short. Just amazed at the passing of time, and how things grow and change and yet stay the same.
I am thankful for…

Bountiful harvests. Wading pools. Pleasant weather. An amazing husband whose watch-care of me makes me fall more and more in love with him with each passing day- such a wonderful daddy. I can't wait to put the new baby in his strong and capable arms, to see the look on his face. It makes it all worth it.

From the learning rooms…

Just reading right now. We have one book we've checked out over and over again, called That Book Woman by Heather Henson and illustrated by David Small. I have had to read this every day, at least twice. It is a sweet, telling story about how the libraries were started in rural Appalachia (specifically Kentucky in the story). It's written in the vernacular, and I must read it with the appropriate inflections or the kids aren't happy. Beautiful and 'poetic-like', as Cal (the main character) might say. They just love this book…I don't know if it's the illustrations or the words or the surroundings that look so much like our own home places and the voice that sounds so much like their daddy's. But they love it. I am going to have to buy it when I get a chance. We should let someone else enjoy it at the library!

From the kitchen…

Frugal, fast, and easy. The grocery budget has been pretty tight- thankfully the garden is picking up the slack in many ways. Fast and easy, because James is making most of it as I become unable to be on my feet for very long.
I am wearing…

Honestly? Mostly pajamas. I've been facing irregularly regular contractions, and having anything constricting my stomach is painfully uncomfortable. If I have to go out, I am in the comfiest, softest dress I can find in the closet.

I am creating…

The last bits and pieces of sewing for Bean's arrival, as I can handle them.

I am going…

to rest as much as possible. No errands, no nothing. Just waiting.

I am reading…

Nothing at the moment, except perhaps the Psalms and a few other favorite passages. I've been finding it very difficult to read (one of my favorite pastimes, I might add), getting too dizzy or reading the same passage over and over because the words and letters are running together. So it's time for peace and silence in many ways.

I am hoping…

for a baby to arrive this week!

I am listening…

"Then" by Brad Paisley.
Can you believe this bundle of cuteness isn't going to be the baby any longer? I can't. Stealing extra cuddles and kisses, which he has in his entirely-too-grown-up-way been totally resisting and wiping off.

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3 responses to “Waiting and watching…”

  1. Grandma Kathy Avatar
    Grandma Kathy

    Waiting with you! Love you lots!

  2. Sandi Avatar

    I’m on a break for the most part till August but I keep checking in to see if Little Bean has arrived.
    And the time does fly. My little baby is now nine months and getting on his knees. Wasn’t he just a tiny newborn yesterday?

  3. Alicia Avatar

    Just reading your Simple Woman’s Daybook Entry and hoping you are holding your precious new baby in your arms.

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