simple gifts

Thankful for the gift of freedom today…thinking of all who serve…thinking of those already headed Home, their duty done for all time…

Simple scenes from around the house the last few days…
IMG_5230 Fresh picked, just down the road…
IMG_5234 Homemade bread, fresh out of the oven…an easy-peasy recipe from the Joy of Cooking…usually made every two days.
IMG_5236 Our weather station, special gift for boy so curious about seasons, times, and measures…he checks it faithfully.
IMG_5243 We've had so many rainy days that this hasn't happened much…but the rain has been good for the garden…
IMG_5246 The spinach…growing very well…unlike our lettuce, which did very, very poorly. A little stumped as to why.
IMG_5253 Love my flag…the kids picked it out a few months ago…it makes me smile every time I see it…
IMG_5260 And well, my favorite part of our house, and it's not even inside. *smiles* It makes me think and consider every time I pass through the door.


2 responses to “simple gifts”

  1. What a delicious post. 🙂 Thank you for replying to my question about the tulip poplar.

  2. Love your doorknocker.
    Where’d you get it?

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