(For more background on the Cardboard Testimony project, read here and here)

Quite simply, this piece is huge. It is currently 12 feet long by 10 feet wide (you can probably get the scope in proportion to the rest of my garage- this is where my car usually sits). It will probably be in three, four foot sections (length wise) for ease of attachment and hanging. You are seeing the "before" side- the story before Christ, how the person felt…the other side has the "after". The white pieces are my main focus…each of those white pieces that you see will have photographs of the actual participants, done in a collage, mixed-media style…some of the photos are 5×7 and four to a "page", some will be 8×10, and still others will be 11×17.

Here's one I just finished to give you an idea (try not to pay attention to the creatively messy desk!):


The words are from the S.M. Lockridge sermon from that day…(you can find a video link to it in the above linked post). It just seemed like the two really went together. Some of these will have snippets of verses, still others will have snippets from the actual sermon that day by Tom Oyler.

The palette is subtly matched to the colors of the church- the greens, yellows, reds, and blues of the decor. At the same time, it's also supposed to look a bit messy and 'undone'…because 'perfect' artwork next to the cardboard testimonies would look quite strange. The words from the sermon are subtle on purpose (often in the same monochromatic color) so that they do not take away from the graphic effect of the cardboard testimonies.

Total aside, but I love that this piece is "green"- not only do we have the re-used cardboard, but the white pieces you see are actually the paperboard that backs x-rays. It happens to be the perfect size, and is light enough to be hung, and it took gesso like a champ.

It's in the beginning stages…I'll post more as it comes together, and you'll be able to see the progression.


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  1. We did cardboard testimonies at our church on easter and it was really quite powerful. People really shared their hearts and I think that God was magnified!

  2. rachel pearson Avatar
    rachel pearson

    We’ll see if this one works -;). Cool project! I loved you “all’s grace” post and left a big comment, then somehow lost it! (starting to think the devil *is* in the details -;). The gist of what I had said is that PEACE you’re experiencing IS GOD. So just remember that when you feel like you need to do, or be, more! Resist the temptation and just soak it all up right now. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing – ;). Good reminder for myself too!

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