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The mommy files…

Bean is getting bigger each passing day…I can no longer deny that I am passing into a new phase in my life, from semi-normal to the 'mama of many' in which every passing stranger feels the need to comment on my super-woman status. It makes me feel so uncomfortable. It's not something I think about. Perhaps it's that many of my friends have just as many children or more, but it doesn't seem strange to me to go the grocery store with my four in tow. It's just what I do. It's just who I am. But the shock that seems to occur (now that my pregnant belly is undeniably obvious) when they realize that another is on the way tests my baser instincts. One, it's none of their business. Two, I don't like getting advice on how to avoid pregnancy (in very frank terms, I might add) in front of my children and I don't like how it makes the children feel bad for being a part of a big family. Three, I am not super-woman, nor will I ever be. I'm just the mama that is called to be mama to these children by God. And every family is different, just as every calling is different. I guess this is God's way of testing whether my desire to be gracious and peaceful is really true or not, because I have had to bite my tongue so often of late when dealing with complete strangers!

That being said, this 'mama to many' thing is certainly an adventure. Just when I think I've got some logistical thing figured out, just the right amount for a recipe to feed the family with a little left over, just how many gallons of milk I need, how fast I am going through laundry detergent, how long I can comfortably go between laundry days…someone has a growth spurt. Or, our schedule changes and we need more snacks on the go. It's almost as if I am still thinking like a mama of two instead of a mama of almost five…and it really cracks me up. I think this tendency is fading now as I grow comfortable with my role, but it still makes for some pretty funny 'uh-oh' moments. Thankfully, the grocery store is within walking distance!

When people act like I am such a super-woman, I can't help but laugh internally, and think "If you only knew…" I wish other moms could understand that I am a lot like them, with the same struggles and triumphs, the same questions and fears. Just because I happen to have more children doesn't automatically mean I have it all together. Far from it.

I'll prove it.
Look familiar to anyone?

The stray sock and mending basket. *ahem* This is truly blogworthy- and James laughed at me when I took a picture. I finally decided in a spare moment to match all the socks I could find. It filled up a grocery bag! (The stack on the left). But look at how many are left orphans! Nah, there aren't six people in this family, no sir.

I won't let you see the state of my kitchen floor. I am all for full disclosure and all, but some things are just too embarrassing. Especially when your one year old likes to eat off of it.

Rule #1 of being a mama to many? Laugh. Laugh often. Laugh much. It's so much better that way!

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Spring Allergies~ Okay, so this one is just sweet and cute, and I love Eliana stories. But I am also including this because I am proud of Elise. Elise is a dear friend, and an amazing writer…I miss her when she doesn't blog. But she made a decision a few months ago to seriously reduce her time online as she finds the new groove with sweet baby Gideon and her calling as mama to four. (We have the same division of kids, two older boys, sweet princess girl in the middle, and baby boy.) As much as I miss her blogging, I am rooting for her as she learns new steps in this dance. Her archives are a treasure trove! You should check them out. I love her "to laugh" category. (Obviously.)

2 responses to “The mommy files…”

  1. Kathy Carbaugh Avatar
    Kathy Carbaugh

    Wait, aren’t some of those mine????? Oh yea, that’s right, I didn’t wear socks this time!
    Love you all,

  2. rachel pearson Avatar

    Haha – you’ve seen my sock basket and it’s worse -lol! To my credit, socks take up more space as they grow longer -lol. My problem is I just can’t seem to throw any of those strays away! I just know they’ll come back some day…

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