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Beauty in the mundane…


Confession time: This card was a reject. I did it a few weeks ago and I didn't like it at the time. I guess it was one of those things where what I was seeing in my head was not coming out on the paper. I didn't like how the second flower came out, too faded… I tossed it. In the trash.


James snapped it up. He was using it as a bookmark in his Bible. When I noticed it one morning, I asked him about it- "Didn't I throw that out?" He looked at me with a smile and said, "Yeah, but it was too beautiful to toss out. You may not see it, but I love it." (Did I mention how much I love this guy?)


Perfectionism gets the best of me way too often.

The thing is…I like it a lot now too. I see the beauty of it. Yeah, so the flowers are a bit unfinished and they don't have the definition I wanted. But they are almost dreamy…one seems like it is the reflection of the first one. I started scribbling words across it as I looked at it again. I want eyes like James. I want eyes of wonder to see the beauty in the mundane. And the dirty imperfect. So you could almost say it's a visual prayer.

What an adventure this little project has been. I wonder where it will take me next?

Tell me what's on your heart~

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