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Turning towards the sun…

 Here's the second card in the series. It didn't scan very well- the background is actually more of a soft green, and you can't see the resist stamping that's behind the words. (I'll try to get a better photograph of this up later this afternoon.) [[ETA: Better picture up now.]]This one didn't go quite as I had imagined- I had the frustrating experience of having pen after pen die on me. (All American Crafts and Martha Stewart/EK Success) The trusty old Creative Memories pens always worked, but the color palette wasn't quite what I wanted. I am beginning to wonder if the pens were just too cold…but then that doesn't explain why the CM ones worked and nothing else would.
    The words are a bit of Rebekah's post the other day. I don't know if she realized how poetic her words were, but they immediately came to mind as I worked with the peaceful, light filled colors this week.
    Perhaps the most revealing? I am impulsively impatient. Last week's card required a lot of precision and a lot of waiting between the delicate tracing paper and the alcohol ink, and nearly a half hours worth of work to cut out the Celtic cross- but this week…I could not wait the five minutes for the acrylic paint to dry (Ranger/Advantus). I messed this card up more than I care to admit. I find it interesting that I could work and work at the card last week, and struggled so much with the patience this week…definitely a work in progress.


  • tonia

    this is just lovely, joy…and very meaningful for me today. thank you for sharing it.
    i’ve been reading your posts this morning and nodding along, just appreciating all the good things you are thinking and saying. i find your blog very edifying and encouraging. i’m glad you’re here in the blog-world…and rejoicing with you over the sweet and unexpected friends we make here.

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