Heartfelt holiday…

IMG_2256 I know, I know. The sneaks are killing everybody. Even my mom wants to know, so all of you can suffer together! I promise a big reveal Monday morning. Scout's honor.
    I must admit, all of this work has gotten me into the Christmas mood a bit early. I am definitely not one to start celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving is past- one of my biggest pet peeves is Christmas stuff in stores before Halloween is over. Just drives me nuts. But I can't help it while working with all of these Christmasy colors…I found myself humming yesterday. I went and picked up a few new Christmas CDs this year: Sara Groves O Holy Night, Casting Crowns Peace on Earth, and Third Day Christmas Offerings. Each of them are wonderful. Sara's is mellow and sweet (her child sings on some of the songs). Casting Crowns has to be my favorite of the three- just amazing, worshipful arrangements that are so powerful. Lots of orchestration in the background, cellos, violins, etc. Just goregous. Third Day is definitely the most upbeat of the three. It too is a worship experience, but in a different way from Casting Crowns. Lots of guitar and soaring chord progressions. Reallly good for singing along to. None of them are exactly 'traditional' in the traditional sense, and I think that is why I love them.
    I find myself in a much more prepared place for Advent this year. Much more at peace with myself and others. Looking forward to the anticipation and joy that comes with the season. Perhaps it is because of the loss this year, but it feels so much more precious to me. Grace did some great posts on Advent last year, and of course, you can also check out my Advent category too.
    Ooooh. Before I forget- loved, loved, loved the Winter Edition of Living Crafts. So chock full of inspiration there, with lots of projects that can be easily accomplished with young ones.


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