Kitchen Poetry, #4

Breakfast and mornings in general start way too early for this night owl momma. Once breakfast is fixed, I often retreat to the couch and groan at the sunlight while my coffee perks. But slowly, ever so slowly, I find wakefulmess, and this is usually what I see. The sunlight streams in through the french door, and for one small second, my kids appear almost angelic. It's the little moments like these that get me through the rough and tumble of my days. (And I can only hope that the littles will follow their oldest brother's footsteps soon…it would be nice to wake up with the sun instead of before the sun.)


7 responses to “Kitchen Poetry, #4”

  1. what a beautiful sight :o)

  2. Such a lovely scene you've captured here…

  3. love that light !

  4. there's just no getting away from Dora the Explorer

  5. beautiful capture :^)

  6. i like how you wrote " wakefulMess" i think that is a freudian slip. *hee*

    or maybe that's just my house.

  7. apparently i can't punctuate a sentence. hope you can make sense of that comment.

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