Praise and paint…

Rejoicing with Elise on the arrival of Gideon Justus! What sweet joy.

Remembering Beth in prayer as she reaches the midpoint of her pregnancy.

Praying for Bekah as she steps out on a new journey.

Weeping with those who weep also with me- Bekah, Samantha, Molly.

 Praying for sweet baby Olivia.

Praising God for His mighty care of Steph's little one.

So many big hearts and little feet winding their way through my thoughts as I pray. 

I've really been trying to avoid mindless time on the internet in the evenings, as I am on my own most nights with James' classes starting back. I've been alternating between knitting and scrapping…I'd like to get this Colorado mini done by the end of the month. But anyways, that means I've had more time to think and pray and just be still in the evenings. I like it- I don't know why I keep letting it get overcrowded, but I always do. Especially as we are heading into the thanksgiving and advent season…just want to be still. To note His passing by.

I haven't finished all the journaling yet, but the pictures and design of the mini are almost done. It feels lovely to have accomplished something this month, which has been mighty crazy and pretty surprising on all fronts. Especially cause the laundry won't get done any time soon. *laughter*
IMG_1931 IMG_1930


3 responses to “Praise and paint…”

  1. Beautiful work as usual! 🙂

  2. love love this journal! so inspiring :^)

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