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Registering a complaint, otherwise known as my kids are growing to fast.


We've been partying this week- Ben's birthday last Friday, and David's birthday this Saturday.  Fhew! All done until December and Isaiah's shindig. Ben decided that he wanted to go to Fender's Farm and eat at The Farmer's Daughter (For you non-local readers, this is a tormenting fact for all those locals and family members that did not get the priviledge of eating there on Saturday! It's like the Grill in the Mitford Chronicles, but family style, all you can eat. Percy would have died.) Ben's poor cupcakes that he had so carefully and deliberately picked out at the bakery, unfortunately, melt their untimely demise in a pile of goo because someone (cough: Daddy) set them up in the window to fry in the sun while we were busy picking pumpkins. The ladies at The Farmer's Daughter made it all better because they brought him his very own berry cobbler (hold the ice cream) with a topping of "Happy Birthday" sung by the restaurant staff.

David's was a bit quieter…we went up to Nana and Poppop's house, opened presents, and then played (*ahem* made like a tornado and trashed the place), with the cake saved for last. Now, the rule in our house is that if a child is too young to decide, the family chooses by majority vote what the cake/treat/cookie cake/homemade, etc. is. I submit to you their choice. It's hilarious for our family (and our love affair with John Deere and all things rural). The funniest part- Lorelei spotted it first! Grit girl all the way!

As for me, I am not too sure how I feel about all this growing up. Oh, I know, I know. I am just having a hard time believing that David is one- this year flew by so fast! And Ben- he is turning into quite the little man. And losing teeth, and all those milestone things and well, this mommy isn't sure she's ready for it! I'll get there in a few days, sure. But today, not so much.

One response to “Registering a complaint, otherwise known as my kids are growing to fast.”

  1. Rebekah Avatar

    I know I’m not ready for it! 🙂

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