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Spinning a yarn…


I've recently been making it a point to read more. (Stop laughing, mom.) So what if I am a book 'eater'; I haven't really been reading continuously at all. Big gulps of sweet treats behind the closet door sort of things, in between scrubbing sticky putty out of Ben's hair and telling Isaiah to get off the window sill, and racing to the stairs to close the gate before David goes tumbling down. A chapter here, a paragraph there. But all of the sudden, I am addicted again. The Mitford Chronicles by Jan Karon. The whole series…oh my heavens. They've been out for a long time, I know, I know. Who would have thought that an aging Episcopalian priest would be so interesting? And so encouraging. And enlightening. And convicting. And whoa…it's pretty crazy. Jan Karon is a masterful storyteller with such an amazing handle on the craft.  I haven't had an addiction like this since Robin Jones Gunn in middle school. I've read the first three novels over the weekend, I have laughed, chuckled, and cried. And then, be still James' beating heart…there's a cookbook. I predict we are going to have a Mitford sort of a fall. Glorious, comforting, and yummy.

3 responses to “Spinning a yarn…”

  1. Rebekah Avatar

    I have so enjoyed that series. I keep meaning to read it again, but have never gotten around to it. Definately some of my favorite fiction reading!

  2. Mom Avatar

    Your statement made me laugh and then I had to go back and read it again and chuckle again at it’s context. And yes, I have most of the series but…………. I don’t know which box it’s in now!!!!

  3. tonia Avatar

    oh it’s a good series, that’s for sure! i love Father Tim and i’ve always said those books make you want to be a better person.
    have you ever read Jan Karon’s story? it’s remarkable and so inspiring! i bet you could find it online somewhere.

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