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Postcard Wednesday, Edition 1…

***It is wonderful to be home again! I plan to pick up 'A Week in the Life' where I left off. I invite you to stop by and comment often this month…which reminds me, Mich…can you email me with your address? You have won the first scrapbooking giveaway! This month's focus is on 'collecting stories'. This is a subject near and dear to my heart, and I can't wait to share my loves with you! On to the postcard stories…****
July 6th, 1940
P.F.C. Joseph Wiseman
73 Bomb Sqdn.
McCord Field, Wash.

What is the temp. in Tenn. by now? Gee, this sure seems to be a swell place. I think I'll like it here. What did you do 4th? I had a swell trip to Mt. Rainer. It is a grand park, a lot of mountain, snow, water, & what not. They dedicated the field wednesday & gave us the rest of the week off. Hope you had a happy day 4th and also other days to come—-.

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  1. Alisa Avatar

    I wonder if they were sweethearts, or it sounds like they might have been more at the stage of potential sweethearts?

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