Children’s Book Monday- Glory



"GLORY be to God for fuzzy spots
of worms and wrigglers,
stripes and polka dots,
the beetle's dance, the spider's poise,
the lizard's leap,
all crickets' joyous noise,
curling bugs and slugs and snails
that whisper holy praise in silver trails."

In a bright explosion of color, this book sings "Glory to God!" in the languages of animals, birds, crawly things…all nature sings praise, as this book so delightfully reminds us. Written by Nancy White Carlstrom and illustrated by Debra Reid Jenkins, Glory is one of the new favorites in our house. It is fun to whisper with the mice and shout with the lion, "Glory!" The illustrations, rendered in paint and chalk are stunning in their depth and brilliance. My boys discover a new thing they haven't found before every time we read it. Their favorite page, of course, is the one of bugs and creepy crawly things. And the words, the cadence…so beautiful. I love this book as much as my kids do.

This went straight from library to book order wish list for us- even though we've almost got the poem memorized. I can't wait till we have this one on the shelf permanently!


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