Windows wide open…


"Yes, spiritual practices are ways of exercising intention regarding the kinds of people we are becoming at every turn. Yes, they are ways of habitually waking up and discovering Life. But the capitalization of Life points beyond life itself: spiritual practices are also and truly about the Spirit. They are about somehow driving with our windows wide open to God, keeping our elbows in the wind and our hands surfing besides the side mirror. They're about tuning our radios to the frequency of the Holy, turning up the volume, and then daring to sing along. They are about staying alert so that our eyes see the glory of the coming of the Lord, and our ears hear the Word, and our skin feels the warm touch and gentle pressure of the Presence."
– Brian McLaren, Finding Our Way Again

I am taking the rest of this week to take some time off and 'turning up the volume' so to speak. I've been doing and going constantly since the loss of our child and subsequent surgery, and I feel the need to be quiet and rest from all things technological. I should be back next Monday. Please be sure to check back then, as there are some great things coming! The last installment of the "authenticity" Word study will be up tommorrow night. Please feel free to comment…here or there. Thanks to each and every one of you for your friendship. I can't wait to "see" you all again soon!


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