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Work in Progress Friday…

My hands have definitely been busy…with little else to do these last few weeks but sit and work with my hands, I've been able to get a lot of scrapping done that would never otherwise happen. It's been fun…yet at the same time, I am sort of hitting a wall creatively. I tried to work on some things last night and just stared and stared, reshuffled, stared again, and then would totally forget what it was that I was trying to do. I plan to get all those layouts up in an album in the side bar this weekend for your viewing pleasure, because if I post them in a normal post it would be as long as six or seven normal entries, and I don't want to totally bug you readers with lower bandwidths. Heeeeee…

***ETA: Pages are up in the sidebar. Took a bit of getting used to, but I think I'm finally figuring out typepad's album feature.***

And never fear for those who are feeling creatively blech, like I am. Culled from some of my favorite blogs, and in no particular order:

Rebecca Sower's "Swipe File"
This is such a cool, lovely idea in both a scrappy and sewing sort of way. I haven't been brave enough to start some of the things I've wanted to sew for fear that I'd totally mess them up. Having a little panoply of techniques to 'go-to' really inspires me. I feel better about just fooling with it till I get the hang of it.

Ali Edward's Weekend Creative Projects
Ali has been doing this series for about six months or so now, each with a different focus. (Click her archives for more, at the bottom of the post).  This one I definitely want to get at this weekend myself. With the crazy summer that it has been, all the things we did and enjoyed are subject to disappear from my brain entirely (very much been having a before:after kind of short term memory right now) and some of them are really good stories.

Lisa Truesdale's Fiskers Links
Otherwise known as Lisa is trying to kill me with all the list of projects I want to try now, ha ha ha.  The Fiskateers have really been bringing their A game lately. Everything they've got is a perfect mix between scrapping and sewing (my personal favorite) and great instructions on how to do the techniques. I hadn't been by in a while and was just blown away and totally inspired.


  • Jen Davis

    This is totally un-related to your post (which is great by the way) but I just wanted to share that I am so enjoying your music playlist on the right of your blog…you have some really beautiful songs on there, thanks for introducing them to me! =)
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Jen Davis (happydays525 from 2peas)

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