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Work in progress friday…

Anniversary album creation
I’ve been in one of those blossoming stages that every artist enjoys once in a blue moon. In other words, my crafty mojo is back after an extended absence. I went through this period where nothing could attract me to creating. I imagine some of it had to do with the long list of clients and jobs that must be dealt with first- and the occasional frustration of not “clicking” with a client. I tend to take this personally, as if my artistic skills or ability to communicate is at fault; when often, the reality is that the whole job has more to do with the client that it has to do with me. I made the mistake (again! when will I learn?) of doing a few jobs not under contract, and I remembered exactly why clearly stated expectations are so important. It can turn into a prolonged torture session in which nobody is happy and the end design does not match anyone’s expectations. It’s also an ethical consideration as well, as much as I hate to say it, because I want to think the best of everybody. Add to that, countless hours of work can go down the drain without compensation (sans contract) and that’s just a waste in the strongest sense of the term. I have been careful to choose the copyright that best fits my needs, and contracts help me to clearly enforce my rights. Stolen artistic property is beyond frustrating. It burns me out creatively, and contacts are simple, objective fix to the problem. It’s one of those practical aspects of being an artist that I don’t like to pay attention to, but must do if I am to keep my creative sanity.

Right now I am smack in the middle of a totally deliciously yummy creative mess…working on a  little mini book for our recent anniversary…a huge family tree in a discarded plate glass window…and some canvases to hang with the the window frame when it’s done. I am so neat, usually. Organized. Everything in its logical place. But man oh man, when I get my fingers dirty in the paintbox…it’s like a rainbow exploded all over my desk…paint, paper, ribbons, all in disarray everywhere. I find the coolest color combinations and new ideas in that chaos that I would have never seen otherwise. I’ve also found that committing to posting every Friday what is “in progress” has kept me accountable to my creative self, and inspiring me in a way I didn’t realize was possible. It’s also cool to see what others have been working on.

Tomorrow is Lorelei’s birthday party…does baking cupcakes qualify as a work in progress too?

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