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July 4th and Lorelei's Birth (Doc's Camera) 083 

A mountain tale 129

{Lorelei at birth, Lorelei at 1, Lorelei today}

Dear Lorelei,

It's hard to imagine that you are two today! It seems just yesterday you were a tiny babe, our only girl. You are our only girl still, but now look at you! So tall, and beautiful. You are a delight. You have a smile that could melt the hardest heart. Your laughter bursts out in giggles that sound of a brook tripping over stones…one can't help but laugh right a long. You are such an imp! Always getting just enough into your brothers doings to drive them bonkers, but not enough to get you in trouble…you walk a very fine line with them that is so funny to watch. Everyone here knows just who rules the roost around here…it's you! You are forever cooking up some concoction and demanding everyone taste it, or parceling out your babies for baby sitting, trying to make your brothers wear your apron and drink your tea. And you will not take no for an answer. You are an intrepid eater, unlike your picky brothers. Your favorite snack is bananas and bread (untoasted please) and you like to eat your yogurt…er…dramatically. I am guaranteed a thorough kitchen cleaning if I allow you to have some unsupervised. You love to color. You love to sing, and you walk around your room with your babies, rocking them as you sing. You are truly a delight dear one. Happy Birthday!



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