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When I look around, I see this…


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Life’s been in full swing here. David is all of the sudden army crawling…I’ve been working on some projects at my “creative” desk standing up…and then all of the sudden he’s under my feet and tickling them. It always surprises me and I jump a bit, which makes him giggle, hard. Isaiah has been setting up shop on the book shelf right next to the desk. He’s been telling stories about what the cars and tracks are doing…thanking them for being so helpful…I ought to record what he’s saying!

2 responses to “When I look around, I see this…”

  1. Mel Avatar

    Hey Joy!! Thanks for stopping by my “lair” the other day. I’ve been here several times before –usually bouncing in from a particularly striking comment you’ve made on TW or WWF. 🙂 Love the pictures in your posts.
    I’m looking forward to putting your index of TW’s Pat threads to good use. After 2 or 300 comments my eyes glaze over. LOL I can’t imagine the time and effort you’ve put into the project. Will be praying that the Lord uses those threads and your efforts to help newbies navigate to open the eyes of many who might otherwise be lured by all the pretty packaging.
    May we ever be amazed by His grace!!

  2. Dulce Domum Avatar

    Hi Joy
    You have some cute little boys there. I love your scrap-booking btw. It looks great. I also enjoyed your post on homeschooling. It seems to me that American homeschoolers are really well organised, lots of curricula they can choose from and so on. Most UK homeschoolers I know are un-schoolers, but I still think they’d be amazed if they knew there was this stuff out there to help them, homeschooling is still very much in its infancy over here.

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