It’s becoming tradition…

I've received an email from a friend in which she states that I am causing her to tread near the sin of coveting, and well, I've decided to push her will power. I shouldn't really cause someone to fall. But tell me, can you resist this? Fresh, local, handpicked, red all the way through. Forgive me? (If it makes you feel any better, we've taken to laughingly calling them "crack" berries. They really are that good.)

And fiddle music, for Ben.
Corner Fix Up, Bonnets, and Farmers Market 038
 Corner Fix Up, Bonnets, and Farmers Market 026


2 responses to “It’s becoming tradition…”

  1. Funny! I had two of those but before i could get my camera out, they were both washed and devoured! I used to pick them when i was a little girl around here at Scott’s farms, heard of it? Very fun to do with children adn get some cool scrap book pics! Thanks to you i have an added stop on my errand list today…The Scott’s strawberry “crack” stand just up the road from my house!

  2. Those strawberries look amazing. I love the fresh fruit and vegetables from our local market. It just tastes better than from the grocery store for some reason.

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