Work in Progress Friday

I have really been fiddling around with this canvas. Ideally I want it for an inspiration piece in our bedroom, but the final parts aren’t coming together as I would like. I’ve decided I don’t like the whole block quote and the gold flourish has got to be toned down somehow- I’ve already removed a picture that I originally thought would go well.  It’ s absolutely frustrating because what I am seeing in my head is not coming out on the paper, at all. Just haven’t found the sweet spot yet. I finally finished a design for a client today that had been quite stuck- and when it came together, boy, did it ever come together in a beautiful way. If I get clearance from the client I’ll post it here and show the progression from draft to final. (You can actually peek at it a bit in my posts on controlling chaos…it’s over the desk in different forms). The scan of this canvas is just awful. My scanner was giving me fits, and with the whole camera drama, I can’t do my normal (which I miss tremendously!) snap and crop. Ugh. I guess that’s why they call it work in progress! I do love the background though…there are quite a few techniques going on: dry brushing, masking, and using a paper towel to add a faux sanded look.


  • Kristina Alford

    Seems like all i am and touch is a work in progress! Sure does take the pressure off of being perfect when i realize no other person has it all figured out…
    Your stuff is really cool and crafty! i enjoy scrap booking, but have no formal art training, from what i see your arts training is really reflected in your work! Great job! I know it may not be what was in your head, but nobody else has to know that, if i didn’t know any better, i would have thought you meant for it to come out that way…very nice…

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