A Work in Progress…

Workinprogress There is a quiet lesson in art that is not readily apparent at first. It is easy to forget that art doesn't appear fully conceptualized- it appears, line by line, paint stroke by paint stroke, stitch by stitch.  A slow, steady process of extending from brain to hand and from hand to medium. I have had times in creating that I pushed too hard. I was impatient. I wasn't willing to wait for paint to dry, and then smudged the next layer; added a color I thought would work perfectly, but didn't wait to see how it would balance before applying. Suddenly, what I saw in my head is no longer in my hand or on the medium. It always shocks me when this happens. There is this fundamental disconnect, and all because I wouldn't slow down.

How true this is of life! Of being a parent! Of walking in relationship with others, with God? I lose sight of the picture- the purpose, and things get messed up. A mar falls. All because I wouldn't slow down and watch and listen.

Worse still, both as an artist and as a person, I get impatient with myself. Stop messing up, I fuss. Be better. Do better. You ought to know better. I forget that I, too, am a work in progress. And the glorious thing is, the Artist crafting me doesn't make a mistake.  I might splash a mess of paint on it, I might scribble upon it in my own childish way, but He holds the brush. He will fix my messes.

Trust the Artist. Trust the Creator. Trust that He who began a good work in  you will be faithful to complete it (Phillipians 1:6). This is what I know to be true. When I learn to rest; to be patient; to be content; to listen- then, then will the art be revealed. I can't wait to see what He is making, can you?
May this be the song on my heart and yours today. (skip ahead to time mark 1:26)

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