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A discovery…

Dscf8552While singing the rather non-sensical song "The hole in the log…at the bottom of the sea" from Autotainment by the Veggie Tales and folding laundry, Ben and I made an important discovery. The lost socks of the world live in the hole in the log…at the bottom of the sea.  I've always wondered you know.

Perhaps I should take a step back and explain myself. We've been reading a lot of books about water, and thunderstorms, and oceans- we've even been reading about how the Magic School Bus went to the Water Treatment plant. As I was joking around with Ben about the mountain of laundry, he told me in certain detail about how our lost socks make their way from the washer machine all the way to the sea and that crazy log.  He told it to me in a breadth of detail that showed an amazing understanding of everything we had been reading that it quite blew me away. I often forget this- forget that our "fun" reading (we're not homeschooling quite yet, of course, now that I think about it, we just did, didn't we?) that the boys don't seem to pay much attention to still matters, still counts. It also makes me wonder just what else he has "learned" when we  were busy having fun.

Elise at Path Made Straight has a wonderful resource called "Children's Book Monday", where she reviews some of her kids latest selections from the library. You should definitely check it out- her suggestions have inspired many a library adventure for our toddler set!

But really, I think I should make a press release- I know everyone wonders where those confounded socks go!

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