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An answer…

Answer_to_prayerI don't have the words to formulate this post. I imagine it's like winning a million dollars… It kind of feels like New Years all over again. Or the first day of school. A second, wonderful, amazing chance. At life. A chance to start over, in a way.

There is NO cancer.

And the things that made them think he may have had cancer aren't even there anymore. We'll probably never know what was going on inside there. All we do know, is that God still grants miracles. And answers prayers.

As I told a friend today, she began to scream and holler and laugh- and it just encapsulated everything I was feeling. I can't stop smiling- I mean big huge cheesy 'cat that ate the canary' kilowatt smile. God is amazing. So amazing.

And I am so grateful. So very grateful.

{David and James, resting. I came upon them like this sometime back in November, and it has to be one of my favorites of the two of them.}

4 responses to “An answer…”

  1. Mary Avatar
  2. Mary Avatar
  3. Rebekah Avatar

    Oh Joy, how wonderful!!!! Thank you Lord!

  4. Elise Avatar

    Oh, my friend- I am so relieved for you! I’ve been checking in daily, breathing prayers over your family, begging God on your behalf. He is so good- He would have carried you regardless, but I know just what you mean about feeling like you won the lottery!
    A couple of days ago, I was telling my husband about how I thought you would feel if the news was good- like a second chance for everything. It will infuse your wifing, your mothering, your homekeeping, your worship… and even more so for your sweet hubby.
    Hug each other today- hold, love, laugh, eat- Praise the Lord! I am so thankful. Sending many hugs your way, Joy.

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