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A definition…


  1. A mischievous child.
  2. A small demon.
  3. Obsolete.  A graft.

tr.v., imped, impĀ·ing, imps.

  1. To graft (new feathers) onto the wing of a trained falcon or hawk to repair damage or increase flying capacity.
  2. To furnish with wings.

See example 1:Imp1

and example 2:


Ah yes…she is carrying on the great tradition, passed down from her momma, and her grandma before her, and well, I can’t see Oma as an imp, but I bet she was at some point…a truly classic imp at that. Winking and being cute and precious one minute, and entirely too mischievous the next.I think I would be lying if I didn’t admit that being her momma scares me sometimes. What an adventure of an entirely different sort it is to be a momma to a girl versus the boys…it’s a whole ‘nother game entirely. I thought it was interesting that the verb form of the word means to "furnish with wings". That names the game entirely, I think. How do I help her to that point?

There is a line in The Sound of Music where Maria looks straight up at heaven, and says, "Oh, help!"


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  1. milkcan Avatar

    She is unbelievably cute!

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