I picked up both of these books recently- such loveliness! I picked up Bend-the-Rules Sewing because I love Amy’s blog and the projects look so cute…and more importantly, relatively easy. I have a few Christmas gifts in mind out of the book- particularly the little woodland elf hat for Lorelei ( which looks incredibly cute on Adelaide). I love how she talks in down to earth terms and gives you the tools to branch out from the techniques she shows in the book. Definitely a keeper for my crafting bookshelf!

I can’t even begin to describe the treasure that is Life Artist. If you have read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, the best description I can give is that Ali manages to visually distill what Julia writes about. Ali’s approach to art is so unique, yet so accessible at the same time. This isn’t just a book for scrap bookers. I think any artist can find inspiration, and what’s more, even if you aren’t an artist of any stripe, you can walk away from this book inspired and renewed. She reminds us constantly to live in the moment, however messy or perfect it may be. The book is chock full of her beautiful work, as well as quotes on creativity and art. My copy is already quite dog-eared, and a bit tear-stained… I read/flip-through/absorb it  just about every other day, and every time, I discover something new to incorporate either into my art or my life. Truly, a seminal work for anyone in the scrapbooking arts.


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