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A shift in perspective…

I found this beautiful post by Elise in Anne’s archives, and it’s been in my thoughts the last few days. I thought I’d pass it along in hopes that it might encourage…

"[Thinking on our life as gift] is so timely, as we come into a season that tends to be full of "what I want".

try to remind myself of life as gift when there is a spill on the
carpet, or marks on the wall, or dishes broken. Those things will pass,
but my children and husband are part of my forever life.

don’t want to remember the anger I felt at a broken dish; just the
sweet little hands that weren’t strong enough to hold it. I don’t want
to remember my disappointment at a spill in the carpet; just the years
of sippy cups. I don’t want to remember my frustration at another mark
on the wall; just the admiration and clumsy mimicking of the
five-year-old who wants to draw like his brother, and can’t find the
paper by himself.

Being wrung out and used is not attractive in this society. [Being wrung out] is an invitation to be selfish, to cry over how unappreciated you are. But
I choose to seek the wringing, for it is a sign that I am caring for
the gifts God has given me to the best of my ability. A sign that I am
needed. That I am acting as His hands. Could there be a greater

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