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Sometimes you just have to…

Let_go_2and start fresh the next day. Oh dear, did I ever have a Monday yesterday! It seemed like everything that could go wrong, did, and all the things I wanted to do, I never got to (like a shower…gotta love the newborn honeymoon, he he).

I caught myself around three in the afternoon beyond frustrated and angry with how the day was going. This was after I had realized that I had put away an entire load of dirty dishes out of what I thought was a clean load in the dishwasher…it was almost comical once I realized my mistake. I actually started to laugh. I decided that if this day was bound and determined to be a Monday, I was going to get out of its way and try again today. So the rest of the day, we just took a break and went low maintenance…the dishes got done this morning, along with a bunch of other chores.

This is one of those parenting lessons I have learned between kid #1 and kid #4. Sometimes, you just have to let it go. Take a pajama day. Heat up that frozen pizza. Eat breakfast for dinner. Let things pile up. Because if you are stressed out, then the little ones are going to get whiny and stressed out themselves, and then by the time daddy comes home, the whole house is under a thunder cloud. Instead, curl up with the kids, read some books, build some puzzles, make a castle with the dining room chairs and blankets. Or even better, catch a nap! There is usually very little that can't wait till tomorrow. Sometimes taking a break from the normal routine is exactly what everyone needs.

{Yeah, the picture is totally unrelated…but I wanted to show off the fall decorations that finally got put up…and play with my Wacom tablet. I could get used to digi scrapping!}

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