Finding new uses…

Garden_2 We finally got the deck finished (all that remains is a good scrub and stain) but ended up with a huge leftover pile of wood and, in particular, pickets. (Like the ones on the stairs in the right upper corner of the picture). We were quite stumped as what to do with them. Our garden had gotten quite over-grown due to a lack of a border; while mulched, one mow would cause the weeds to grow overnight. We recently took a drive up into the mountains along a road that has a bunch of old farm homesteads, and I noticed the fences, which were, essentially, old logs layered one on top of the other. I suddenly had an "aha" moment, and knew exactly how to re-use those pickets. We’re really pleased with the results. I just couldn’t bear the thought of them going to the dump, and it took James maybe an hour to fit together a 18 foot long span. (He just used decking screws through the ends of the pickets.) The best thing is that it’s entirely movable, so if we feel like changing the landscape around, we just have to pick up the end and rearrange it.


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