the mothering arts

Day 6…

We finally see his eyes! Ben was rather shocked at that, as he informed me this morning while looking at the baby in the swing. It cracked me up, but then I realized that David’s awake periods had been at night after the kids were in bed.

It seems like we are slowly finding a rhythm around here, and that feels good after months of chaos. I think it helps that I already had some systems in place that just had to be re-applied…although getting out the door with all four is still proving to be quite a feat.

Thought I’d share a peek in my secret handbook- when the dinner hour gets crazy, let the kids make dinner! My kids only get to play with pots and pans on the nights that they are whining and around my feet…I let them  "cook" on the couch. It turns a rather stressful moment into a fun one. Although, I do recommend investing in some Tylenol. But I was impressed…David slept right thru!



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