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Warning, epic scrapbooking post ahead…

Okay, okay. So I chickened out. We chickened out. One look at the museum parking lot and we completely lost courage (packed doesn’t even begin to describe the chaos)….and promptly drove to Hollywood Video to rent some John Deere movies for the boys, and home we went. The boys loved it of course, since we are such horrible and mean parents and never let them watch TV..a DVD is quite a treat around here. And a John Deere documentary…well…they are in toddler boy heaven. I console myself with the thought that it is just as educational as a trip to the museum.

Which means…I had a few moments to play…and I organized. How pathetic is that? But you know what, I ran across so many things that I want to use, and some ideas for pages and albums, so it was totally productive. Couple that with some serious happy mail this morning, and I am going to be a scrappin’ fiend tonight! I won the CHA in Spirit Basic Grey challenge over at 2peas last weekend, and my prize arrived this morning…Basic Grey goodies of course! Almost better than chocolate. Almost.  I also ran across a bunch of pages that didn’t get posted for one reason or another, so I thought I’d share those too. I must have had too much time on my hands with the Lorelei one, because that was hand-beaded. Shivers. It still makes my hand ache just looking at it! I think they were all from a crop sometime in February. You see, it pays to organize!

So without further ado, let the epic begin (and apologies to my dial-up friends):

And, a little work in progress…Ali Edwards had a post around the beginning of the year called "one little word", talking about having a mantra of sorts.  The whole idea totally caught on in the scrapbooking world, and a few girls, including my friend Gigi, started the "one little word" blog here (along with some fabulous tutorials, I might add). I have been playing around with the whole idea, and thought I’d make a mini album with this Real Simple card index. I like the idea that it will be protected and easily tossed into the diaper bag on days I need some extra inspiration and encouragement.

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