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To Do…

All creative pursuits aside, the dust bunnies are in quite a rebellion.

Probably compounded by the fact that we’ve had the windows flung open the last few days to the gloriously cool-ish temperatures that seem to think that it is fall, instead of the insufferable dog days of summer. Course, same weather gnomes have also mistaken our dear mountains for Seattle or London and have poured down the rain…not that we are complaining. It’s just a little disconcerting to have the countryside change character so.

Anyhow…the list looks a bit something like this:

– attempt to finish laundry, and at least get it back in the drawer before it crawls out of it’s own volition and manages to crawl through every non-removable stain known to man. Oh wait, that’s the boys in the clothes. Sometimes it’s hard to tell with all the dirt!

– scrub floor due to unidentified slime spots tracked in from back yard.

– dust, and find three legos, two hotwheels, and various tire treads from poor denuded tractors bereft of their mobility, hiding among the books to avoid the big bad tractor-killing Isaiah. They are now safe in mommy’s pocket and away from Lorelei the Teether.

– vacuum, because Lorelei the Bruised and Jello-Kneed Walker has managed to find nearly every Cheerio dropped from breakfast this morning, although I swear the Knights Argumentative left a trail Hansel and Gretel style just to see what would happen. (Will Lorelei find them before Momma blows her top? Stay tuned…)

Forget ironing and cleaning and all that other grown-up stuff. I am just trying to keep up with the toddler tornadoes this fine day…oh and before I forget,

– pin nice note to the front of Lorelei’s dress with the message: " She is not abused, she is just learning to walk." Because Lorelei the Bruised and Jello-kneed has not one, not two, but six(!) bruises marring her cutie-pie face due to collisions with the ground, walls, and other assorted unmovable objects. Poor girl! But Lorelei the Scaredy Cat she can no longer be called, because she has taken off like a toddling rocket.. a very precious and pink rocket…but a rocket just the same.


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