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The reason I have paint on my fingers…

For the non-initiated, today is a day of much import…the very last installment of Harry Potter hit store shelves,  and CHA Summer is in full swing. There has been heavy debate among my scrapbooking friends as to which was more important, but I digress. The CHA (short for Craft and Hobby Association) trade show is when all the new scrapbooking and crafting product lines release, and the drooling begins. There is always something new and fabulous to see and drool over and want to use in our own crafting. But as you can imagine, it’s expensive to get to, and even harder on your wallet once you get there, so not many of us go.

Yet, the  wonders of the internet (and a few friends that happen to be on design teams) allow for a CHA-In-Spirit Day, where us home-bound girls can see all the sneak peeks and new releases, and what’s more, they give us a chance to win some of the new goodies via challenges. It’s crazy, it’s fun, and it really forces you to step it up as a scrapper. You have to think fast, use different materials than you might use normally, and work on some really short turn around times. I keep a list of all the challenges. I try for the ones I know I can do in the time allotted, and then I work through the others on my own time. It’s a great way to keep trying something new while working through the stacks of pictures laying around. There are challenges going on at both Two Peas and Scrap In Style~ so stop by and check them out. Even if you don’t do the challenges, the pages that come out of the weekend are beyond inspiring!

Here’s a few I’ve been working on today:Sweet_little_artist


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